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This week’s sessions:

Motivational Monday 7pm with Lou and assisted by Simon: Week 2 of the 8 week programme designed for former ABCers and those returning from injury.  6 x 400m Efforts, with 200m recoveries.

Tuesday 8:45 am with Penny; 7:30pm with Lucy: 400m reps – exactly what it says; speed work at slightly faster than your goal 5k pace, with short recoveries.

Wednesday 8pm with Lucy: 200m reps – These are designed to improve your core speed and work on technique. Not all out sprinting, but faster than 5K pace efforts with the focus on running tall, higher knee lift and efficient use of the arms.

Thursday 7pm – with Pete: Threshold runs – Longer reps of 5 minutes at your target 10k pace to build speed endurance, v. easy recovery, then go again. The idea is that by running at 10k pace but broken down with short rests teaches your body to cope with ‘race’ pace, without the full on intensity of race conditions.

Saturday 9am – Basingstoke parkrun (War Memorial Park)

Sunday 8am – Group runs

Each session starts at HCC (except for parkrun) and suitable for ALL abilities, but don’t do harder sessions on consecutive days.

If you have any concerns about these sessions please ask!

Please also see Facebook for details of other runs taking place this week!

Coming up:

  • 1 August – Yateley 10k Series Race 3
  • 12 August – Hart 4 Relays
  • 9 September – New Forest Marathon
  • 16 September – Swallowfield 10+3

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