Hook Runners Newsletter 14.01.19

Club training sessions this week:

With it now dark on all training nights, we expect as a MINIMUM light colours to be worn but preferably some form of Hi-Viz and/or reflective clothing.

Monday 7pm with Lucy – week two of the ten week ABC course.  Recent graduates and other members are welcome to attend and support.

Tuesday 8.45am with Lucy or 7.30pm with Tim – Distance pyramids – a great all round session with faster efforts and easy / slow recoveries. The faster efforts start short but get longer – from 200m up to 800m – then reduce back down again, hence the ‘pyramid’. A good session to teach pace management and speed endurance.

Wednesday 8pm with Terry – Marathon Group session but suitable for all. After last week’s longer threshold set, it’s short, speed and strength this week by virtue of some hill reps!

Thursday 7pm with Mike – Short Hills – Excellent for working up leg strength and improving core stability. These are shorter, sharper uphill runs (time based, likely to be 10 x 60 seconds) so it’s the same duration of work for everyone. Slow jog back down as recovery.

*The Hook Fun Run Team is hosting a meeting to discuss a possible Hook Half Marathon on Thursday at 8pm at the Raven.  Please come along to discuss ideas!  If you have any suggestions for possible routes for a half marathon, please email them to jonathan@hookfunrun.com.*

Saturday 9am – Basingstoke parkrun (War Memorial Park)

Sunday 8am – Group runs and 11am – Cross Country at Chawton House

Each session starts at HCC (except for parkrun) and is suitable for ALL abilities, but don’t do harder sessions on consecutive days. If you have any questions or concerns about these sessions please ask.

Coming up:

27 January: Farnborough Winter Half enter here!

17 February: Bramley 20/10  enter here!

24 February: Cross Country at Polecat Valley

If you click through to these events, you will find an option to add them to your Outlook Calendar (“iCal”) or Google Calendar.

Photo of the week:

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