Hook Runners Newsletter 11.03.19

Congratulations to our Annual Award winners!

Most Improved ABC Runner (male) – Samantha Vermeulen

Most Improved ABC Runner (male) – Steffen Rohr

Most Improved Handicap Time (female) – Caroline Blackburn

Most Improved Handicap Time (male) – Mark Davenport

Highest Cross Country Points Scorer (female) – Denise Sterling

Highest Cross Country Points Scorer (male) – Richard Gowen

Fastest Handicap Time (female) – Liz Halley

Fastest Handicap Time (male) – Michael Cook

Chattiest Runner – Laura Ive

Most Socialable Runner – Neil Shoesmith

Best Hooker on Tour – Piers Wilson

Most Memorable Run – David Goodbourn and David Simpson

Best Supporter – Kathy Goodbourn

Coaches’ Choice Award – Mark Davenport

Member of the Year – Terry Wegg

Club training sessions this week:

Although the days are getting longer we still expect our members to wear light colours and preferably some form of Hi-Viz and/or reflective clothing.

Monday 7pm with Lucy – week ten of the ten week ABC course.  This is the final week of the course and we will complete a steady ‘gold ring’.  We would love to see plenty of pacers and supporters out to assist!  Don’t forget to come along to Basingstoke parkrun on Saturday for the graduation as well.

Tuesday 8:45am with Penny or 7.30pm with Mike – Paarlaufs, or pair running. Take it in turns to run approximately 200m, with a short rest while your partner goes. Great for sharpening speed, improving posture and paying attention to your form.

Wednesday 8pm with Terry – Nominally the Marathon Group session but suitable for all. As we say goodbye to the threshold sessions, we welcome in the VO2 max and speed boosting intervals! A gentle introduction this week with some 600m reps at around your 5k pace.

Thursday 7pm with Pete – Ahead of Sunday’s Reading & Fleet HMs, it’s race prep and strides. A short 5-6 minute run at target race pace to get the legs moving followed by 600m (~3-4 minute) runs with a short 50-100m faster burst (“strides”) within each to stretch the legs and tease the muscles.

Saturday 9am – ABC Graduation at Basingstoke parkrun (War Memorial Park)

Sunday 8am – Group runs or Fleet / Reading Half Marathon

Each session starts at HCC (except for parkrun and handicap) and is suitable for ALL abilities, but don’t do harder sessions on consecutive days. If you have any questions or concerns about these sessions please ask.

Coming up:

20 March: Hook Runners AGM

1 April: Next Kit Order

21 April: Southampton Marathon

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