Hook Runners Newsletter 01.04.2019

AGM Minutes

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of HOOK RUNNERS 20th MARCH 2019 Held at Hook Junior School
1. Welcome & Introduction – J Culver

2. Annual Report of the Chair – D Simpson

3. Treasurer’s Report – D Goodbourn

a. Presentation of Financial Position

b. Proposed Membership Fee for 2019/20

4. Secretaries Report – J Culver

a. Proposed changes to the Club Constitution

b. Proposed Committee Roles for 2018/19

5. Races Report – T Pearce

6. Some personal reflections – S Rohr

7. Questions from Members –

a. Will the accounts be published? David Goodbourn to investigate and publish

b. Will the Club offer part memberships for new applicants who join part way through the year?             Committee has previously discussed and decided that if this is within 2-3 months of the annual membership renewal date, we will give them options to wait until April or to enrol immediately and then renew in April

c. What is meant by Committee shall hold no less than five meetings each year? This gives flexibility to the Committee as they no longer need to meet on a monthly basis as the administration and daily running does not require this frequency of meetings

d. Can the Club use funds to provide free or subsidised transport (coach/minibus) to races and events? Request will be discussed at the next Committee meeting

8. Transaction of Official Business – J Culver

a. Approval of the Membership Fee for 2019/2020 – voted for and approved by majority of members

b. Approval of the Revised Constitution – voted for and approved by majority of members

c. Approval of the Proposed Committee for 2019/2020 – voted for and approved by majority of members

9. In recognition of Lou Coster-Mills’ vision, inspiration and commitment to creating the club we know as Hook Runners, the committee would like to honoured her with the title “Lifetime President of Hook Runners” – a gift of flowers was presented and a permanent memento will be presented at a later date.

Club training sessions this week:

Although the days are getting longer we still expect our members to wear light colours and preferably some form of Hi-Viz and/or reflective clothing.

Monday 7pm with Lucy – Week three of Motivational Monday and this week it’s hills!! This will be short, 1 minute reps on an incline. Aim to keep the effort consistent on each, running tall. Try to avoid looking down or bending forward as this restricts air flow to your lungs. Slow jog back down after each, and repeat.

Tuesday 8:45am with Penny or 7.30pm with Mike – Pyramids – a great all round session with faster efforts and easy / slow recoveries. The faster efforts start short but get longer – from 200m up to 800m/1k – then reduce back down again, hence the ‘pyramid’. A good session to teach pace management and speed endurance.

Wednesday 9pm with Terry – Nominally the Marathon Group session but suitable for all.  Longer threshold runs this week in the shape of 1200m intervals. These will enhance your speed endurance and continue to boost your VO2 max.

Thursday 7pm Monthly Handicap – starting at the Raven.  If you haven’t got a start time, then let Tim know. If you’re able to assist too, then we’d appreciate your help! This year the handicap direction will rotate each month, this week – clockwise.

Saturday 9am – Basingstoke parkrun (War Memorial Park)

Sunday 8am – Group runs

Each session starts at HCC (except for parkrun and handicap) and is suitable for ALL abilities, but don’t do harder sessions on consecutive days. If you have any questions or concerns about these sessions please ask.

Coming up:

21 April: Southampton Marathon

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