Hook Runners Newsletter 29.04.19

Congratulations Marathon Runners!

Congratulations to all the club members who took part in the London Marathon this weekend, and also to Neil Shoesmith who completed his 100th marathon!

Club sessions this week:

Subject to weather, please try to assemble on the grass opposite the entrance to the community centre so as not to obstruct access into and out of the building.

Monday 7pm with Lucy – Week seven of Motivational Monday and this week we’re talking fartlek! This type of session comes from Swedish for “speed play” and combines endurance (continuous) running with interval (speed) training. Unlike a standard interval session that has fast reps with slow or static recoveries, a fartlek session is a continuous run which can incorporate many different paces. It is great for a variety of fitness levels and because it can be customized to run at YOUR pace(s) then it is especially useful for those starting their running journey.

Tuesday 8:45am with Penny or 7.30pm with Pete – Rolling Minutes – a variation of short intervals that will improve your pace but also your pace judgement. Run ‘out’ for 2 minutes, 45s static recovery, run ‘back’ for 2 minutes. You should return to the start if your pace is equal out and back!

Wednesday 8pm with Terry – With the MK & Southampton marathoners in full taper, and the London runners in recovery mode, this week will see a return to turning the legs a bit quicker for that ‘speed’ boost. A mixed pace session this week with some 800s, some 400s and some 200s. Marathoners are welcome to come along and put in a couple of miles at target MP or at recovery pace – the hares for our speed merchants to chase down!

Thursday 7pm Monthly Handicap – starting at the Raven.  If you haven’t got a start time, then let Tim know. If you’re able to assist too, then we’d appreciate your help! This year the handicap direction will rotate each month, this week – clockwise.

Saturday 9am – Basingstoke parkrun (War Memorial Park)

Sunday 8am – Group runs


  • Please don’t forget to renew your membership by tomorrow if you want to remain a club member!
  • A revised version of the club’s social media policy is attached, please ensure you review this before posting in the club’s Facebook group

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