Hook Runners Newsletter 20.05.19

Club sessions this week:

Subject to weather, please try to assemble on the grass opposite the entrance to the community centre so as not to obstruct access into and out of the building.

Monday 7pm Week Two of the ABC Course – week 2 of 10 building new runners up towards running 5k. This week led by Lucy. More than happy to have recent graduates or indeed any of our athletes attend to support and encourage.


Motivational Monday 7pm with Mike – This week it’s 400m intervals with 200m easy recoveries.
The idea here is to run each 400m at your 5k pace, building speed and stamina as your legs get tired. The first few will feel easier – you’re running on fresh legs – but as you start to get tired try to maintain pace and running form!  (Assemble at the far end of the car park, near the skateboarders)

Tuesday 8:45am with Penny – Timed Pyramids – a great all round session with faster efforts and easy / slow recoveries. The faster efforts start short but get longer – from 30 seconds to 3 minutes – then reduce back down again, hence the ‘pyramid’. A good session to teach pace management and speed endurance.

Wednesday 8pm with Terry – Mixed pace/distance – longer reps (~800m) separated by shorter (~1min) efforts. Aim to maintain pace and form over the longer run after pushing harder on the short reps.

Thursday 7pm with Emily – Reverse Ladder: A set of longer intervals that will improve your race pace endurance and ability to hold speed on tired legs. Reps gets shorter, but so does the recovery between each!

Saturday 9am – Basingstoke parkrun (War Memorial Park)

Sunday 10am – Group runs

Upcoming races:

5 June – Yateley 10k Series Race 1

9 June – Hampshire Hoppit Half or Full Trail Marathon

15-16 June – Endure 24

3 July – Yateley 10k Series Race 2

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