Hook Runners Newsletter 3 June 2019

Apologies for the late newsletter, let’s start from tomorrow’s session!

Club sessions this week:

Tuesday 8:45am with Penny – Some VO2 Max work this week with 800m intervals run at 5k pace, steady 400m recovery in between each. The key is to run each of the 800m intervals at an even pace relevant to YOUR current 5k pace.

Wednesday 8pm with Terry – A timed Mile – If you’re not taking in the sights of Yateley then instead why not come out and unleash your inner Bannister with the one mile challenge?  There will be a long warm up with some speed strides to sharpen form and technique. So if you have ever wondered how fast you can run a mile, come and find out! This will be on road.

Thursday 7pm – Oh yes, it’s the monthly Handicap starting at the Raven. If you haven’t got a start time, then let Tim know.
If you’re able to assist too, then we’d appreciate your help! This year the handicap direction will rotate each month, this week – clockwise.

Saturday 9am – Basingstoke parkrun (War Memorial Park)

Sunday 8am – Group runs

Upcoming races:

5 June – Yateley 10k Series Race 1

9 June – Hampshire Hoppit Half or Full Trail Marathon

15-16 June – Endure 24

3 July – Yateley 10k Series Race 2

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