Hook Runners Newsletter 10 June 2019

Club sessions this week:

Monday 7pm with LucyABC course: week 5 of 10 building new runners up towards running 5k. More than happy to have recent graduates or indeed any of our athletes attend to support and encourage.

Monday 7pm with Lucy – Motivational Monday:  It’s time to unleash your inner Egyptian and train pyramid style! This is a great all round session with faster efforts and easy / slow recoveries. The faster efforts start short but get longer – from 30 seconds to 2 minutes – then reduce back down again, hence the ‘pyramid’. This will help you with managing pace and also give your core speed a boost.

Assemble at the far end of the car park, near the skateboarders.

Tuesday 8:45am with Penny – Rolling intervals – a series of short intervals that will improve your pace but also your pace judgement. Run ‘out’ for 2 minutes, 45s static recovery, run ‘back’ for 2 minutes. You should return to the start if your pace is equal out and back!

Wednesday 8pm with Terry – Hills! A mix of shorter and longer reps, on a hill, based on time. Effort going up, recover coming down. Think of it as resistance training with the resistance being your body weight! Running uphill means you have to use your legs to carry yourself against gravity, so these sessions are great for building leg strength.  This will probably be on grass, in the field off Great Sheldons (beyond the troll bridge).

Thursday 7pm with Mike –It’s quarter mile reps (or 400m for the metrically minded) with 200m easy recoveries. A great session to get the legs turning at a decent pace: something like 5k pace or quicker. These shorter sets will improve your speed endurance over the 5-10k distance.

Saturday 9am – Basingstoke parkrun (War Memorial Park)

Endure 24!  Starts 12pm on Saturday until 12pm Sunday

Sunday 8am – Group runs

Upcoming races:

3 July – Yateley 10k Series Race 2

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