Logo Printing or Personalisation Request

If there’s an item of kit that you would like to have the Hook Runners logo printed on, please provide details below and we will see what we can do.  Please give us a few weeks to investigate options and pricing and we will get back to you.



For printing requests to club items or to ad-hoc items such as charity tops please contact us here for us to verify. For a simple name printing on a club item you are welcome to contact our fellow Hook Runner Anna Rohr directly. Printing on non club items will need to be via the website to be verified as appropriate.

For personalization of the hoodies (embroidery) please contact us here OR contact our Fellow Hook Runners Nicola Denley.

For any of these customisation requests that come to the team, the KIT manager will pass on the request and any new items of KIT ordered. payment, delivery of item to be customised and collection once complete will be arranged between the customer and the individual above.


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